The Holiday “Should Do List”

Do you have a “should do list” for the holidays? Things that you should do, but you don’t want to do or don’t like to do. It’s just been something you have done every year out of obligation.

Today I spoke with a couple of my clients who said they felt stressed and overwhelmed about the holidays. They felt behind in all the things that “should” be done for the holidays.  They had not bought or sen the  holidays cards, put up decorations, or bought any gifts for neighbors.  They felt even more stressed because the didn’t have the time or extra money to do these “shoulds”.

I asked them why felt the need to do it. They felt it was something that had to do because they didn’t want people to think bad of them or it was something they had traditional done for years. Yet they admitted they would not want someone to buy them something out of a sense of obligation. They also would not get upset if someone did not get them a card or gift. They realized they were putting the pressure on themselves.

I too have done this in the past not just around the holidays but throughout the year. Doing things because I “should” or because I wanted people to like me and not get mad at me. Now I try to only do things that make my heart sing. If it is not a hell yes it is a NO! and if people are going to get mad at me because I didn’t send them a holiday card well then I really need to re-examine that relationship.

I have recognized over the years when I come from a heart centered place, with my list of things to do, what a difference it makes. I feel happier, more peaceful and in the flow. Isn’t that what this season is truly about?

How about you?

If you want tips on how to  enjoy the holidays with peace and ease, while still getting all you need done with sustained energy and balanced, well nourished chakras, download Chakra Nourishing Guide.

In this guide I will share what the chakras are, what happens to us Busy Professional, Real-Life Superwomen when they are out of balance during whatever holiday you might celebrate and what foods, lifestyle, movement and affirmations you can do to create healthy harmonious chakras.

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