Hi, I’m Cassandra and for many years I was addicted to sugar and a lot of it had to do with the overgrowth of candida in my body. The yeast in my body was being fed by all the sugar and simple carbohydrates I was indulging in, which in turn was causing me to crave more sugar. It was vicious cycle that lasted over 10 years. I got the support I needed to get rid of the candida, which lessened my sugar cravings, but not the addiction. See this Busy Professional had the Superwoman Syndrome and I was addicted to the energy rush I got when I consumed chocolate chip cookies. Oh and the emotional relief I got when I ate warm bread with butter.

Let’s be real:

Just dealing with the physical cause of your sugar cravings isn’t going to get to the root of the addiction, right?

That is why I am hosting this virtual workshop

During this interactive workshop you will learn the connection between sugar and your emotions including:

– How your emotions impact sugar cravings
– How to find the root cause of your cravings to get rid of them for good
– The relationship between imbalances in your chakras as it relates to your desire for sugar
– Simple ways to curb your sugar cravings that have nothing to do with food
– And 5 healthy foods that help you cut through the cravings.

Everyone who shows up live will receive the Top 10 Foods To Curb Your Sugar Cravings Guide