Look & Feel Fabulous Program with Cassandra Herbert of Zest & Harmony

When you look in the mirror do you not like what you see?

Do you  secretly feel overwhelmed and depleted with the busyness of your life?

Are you nourishing everyone except yourself?

Do you want something to quickly help you to look fabulous and feel healthy, happy and energized?

If you answered yes to any of these questions the Look and Feel Fabulous – 30 day quick start program is for you.

This program includes the following:

4 (60 min) sessions via phone or in person, focused on...

Week 1

You’ll be encouraged to get in touch with your visions and values so that you become unstoppable. We will examine what’s keeping you stuck and what steps to take to feel happy, healthy and energized. You’ll learn powerful tools for aligning your thought with your heart and learn to use the power of appreciation to heal.

Week 2

Fabulous Program (3)

You will do a 7 day cleanse where you eliminate foods and toxins that are depleting your energy, dampening your mood and fattening your belly.

Week 3

Fabulous Program (4)

Discover and incorporate foods, movement and activities that increase your energy, boost your mood and flatten your belly.  Practice cultivating and nourishing the feminine energy. Learn how to balance your doing with your being through stress relieving techniques. Rediscover groundedness and ease, play and passion by balancing and activating the root chakra and sacral chakra

Week 4

Fabulous Program (5)

Learn how to maintain your new healthy lifestyle to keep you looking and feeling fabulous.

In this program you will receive delicious easy recipes, fun exercises  and stress management recommendations to boost your energy. As well as an individualized plan to feel more grounded and calm as well as playful and empowered.

As we move through the program together, you’ll receive support e-mails focusing on the most important steps and encouraging points to help move you through the 30 days.  As well as weekly action plans to complete.

INVESTMENT :  This program is $547, but if paid in full is $497.


  1. Pantry Makeover – Do you know what’s hanging out in your pantry? Are the ingredients in these foods  sabotaging your healthy and wellness? Cassandra will help you identify the foods that are unhealthy and you need to get rid of as well as teach you how to effectively read labels and choose foods that make you look and feel good.
  2. Bellyfit Earth Video – Complete one hour routine of Fitness, Belly Dance, Bollywood, African Dance, Yoga and Pilates inspired moves that make you feel super powered, grounded and energized
  3.  Essential Oils for Your Wellness Guide  – A guide where I share my seven favorite essential oils that I will never leave home without! I will walk you through each of my favorite essential oils, and how I use them in my everyday life. Because of these oils I feel calmer, less stressed, and more energy to get through the entire day – not to mention beautiful skin and a slimmer waistline!


Working with Cassandra has impacted my life SIGNIFICANTLY. I’ve learned how to manage my stress. I’ve learned how to say NO. I’ve learned how to put me first which was a challenge because I’ve been a giver all of my life. I learned that my wellness comes first. I’ve learned how to let go and let the universe do what it does. I no longer wake up with aches and pains that I thought was just part of the aging process. I am no longer fatigued everyday. My mindset, consciousness, awareness and education around wellness has evolved significantly.

By working with Cassandra my joints feel better. My moods are much more consistent and I’m kinder to my husband. I don’t jump to respond in a snappy manner. I think first! I have more energy  I own my life! There is still work to be done but I own my life!!! Food doesn’t drive…. I am empowered. I am independent and I’m not afraid to speak up about what “I” need and not feel guilty about it. Sadly, this is where many people, especially women, lose themselves. it was a hard lesson for me to learn but you do need to take care of yourself first. YOU are the only one that can truly do this.

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