Are you a high performing, high achieving woman who secretly feels overwhelmed, depleted and anxious?

If you feel this way, the good news is, I promise you’re not alone!
As a holistic nurse therapist specializing in women’s issues, I have discovered an epidemic of smart, capable women who seem to have it all together, but on the inside, they struggle with the feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.

If you’re like the women I work with, I bet many of your own friends and family would never know you are experiencing these type of feelings…

You either long to be in a romantic relationship or are in one, but have been told many times that you are never satisfied and that what your partner gives you is never enough.

You are bewildered by these types of comments because you are feel very generous and would be willing to help anyone.

You secretly feel that you can’t really trust anyone to give you want you want or need in the way you want or need it (and so you find it hard to receive the love and caring you yearn for).

  • The V word (vulnerable ) is like a 4 letter word to you.
  • You tend to worry a lot because you want to excel in all that you do. This worry has lead to sleepless nights, fatigue and other health issues.
  • Well there is a solution to this epidemic, which I call the Super Woman Syndrome.
  • After working several years in this field, helping over a hundred of clients, over 80% of the women I see are trying to be Super Women.
  • But truth be told, these amazing, conflicted women did not come to me saying they had “super woman problem”.
  • Instead they came to me with the following symptoms and statements (I bet you can relate to them too!)
  • I am stressed
  • I am tired
  • I can’t sleep at night because I am worried about ……..
  • I feel overwhelmed and want more balance in my life
  • I want a better relationship with my partner
  • I need coping skills to deal with the anxiety
  • I want to regain a sense of purpose in my life
  • I want loose weight
  • I don’t want to stop stress eating
  • If you’re facing any of these symptoms or this “Super Woman Syndrome” sound like you, I’d love to help you get this handled once and for all.
  • The first step is simple.
  • Let’s set up a time to talk, get acquainted and see if I might be the right therapist and wellness counselor for you.
  • Click here to learn more about who I am and my approach to working with women like you. LINK TO ABOUT YOU AND HOW THEY GET MORE THAN A THERAPIST WITH YOU – they get a wellness counselor, etc and someone who’s been there too and understands real life application of, etc… something like that
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