A Special Offer for Women’s Weight Loss and Wellness Summit Participants

Thank you to all the Women’s Weight Loss and Wellness Summit participants thank for stopping by my Zest and Harmony site. My gifts to you are:

  • Tips and Recipes to Manage Your Energy and Vitality

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  • A Sugar Buster Discovery Session

    This 60 minute long session explores your nutritional wellness goals, how the consumption of sugar is blocking you from having these goals, and what you can do to bust the sugar habit and have a vibrant optimal life. We will also discuss options on how I can assist with your sugar busting goals. I only have 7 slots available for this so schedule your complimentary session today.

  • Discount for 30 Day Sugar Buster Program

    A discount to the 30 Day Sugar Buster program which will begin in spring. More info to follow.