Blissful Ease Program

Calling All Superwomen: Give Yourself Permission to Say Yes To You…and Reclaim Your Life!

Oh, Superwoman? Yes, you – the high achieving, high performing, on-the-go woman who looks like she has it all together, but secretly feels overwhelmed, depleted , and fatigue! Can you pause for just a moment?

When was the last time you paused to take a deep breath – let alone giving yourself permission to say no to others and yes to self?

“But that sounds selfish!” you’re thinking….while you struggle to balance work, family, and community, meeting everyone else’s needs, never admitting how you long to have your own unmet desires fulfilled .

I know all about it! I used to be just like you – until I no longer enjoyed the pressure I had created in trying to complete everything I’d committed to do. Until I could no longer tolerate the health problems I was experiencing, thanks to my addiction to Doing It All.

Tired of Being All Things To All People But Yourself?

Starting Fall, 2015

The online group will meet every Tuesday, for 4 weeks, from 7:30 p.m to 9 p.m. EST

I know all about it! I used to be just like you – until I no longer enjoyed the pressure I had created in trying to complete everything I’d committed to do. Until I could no longer tolerate the health problems I was experiencing, thanks to my addiction to Doing It All.

I was forced to get honest with myself, take a personal inventory of my life, re-evaluate my values and priorities, and admit that for the sake of my life, health, and happiness, I needed to make big changes.

Since then, I’ve recreated my life and career, coaching women to give themselves permission to let go of the need to do it ALL (and perfectly, I might add!) and say yes to yourself and discover what truly makes you happy and peaceful.

Even if you’re doing a great job with your external obligations, the simple truth is you’ve got to take the time to care for yourself. After all, you surely want to continue to live well and excel in the years ahead!

It’s time for you to care for you. And you KNOW this because… deep down inside you no longer want to feel this tension and pressure and you are ready to balance your doing with being so you can experience more ease in all areas of your life.

  • No more feeling over-socialized, overworked, and over-dependent on caffeine, alcohol, and sweets.

  • No more saying YES to everything and everyone else’s needs, at the cost of your own well-being.

  • No more more rushing around, feeling frazzled and working way to hard to be way to perfect. (It’s exhausting and there is a better way!)

Starting Fall, 2015

The online group will meet every Tuesday, for 4 weeks, from 7:30 p.m to 9 p.m. EST

Together with a small, intimate online group of Superwomen, I’ll lead you through simple lessons and easy-to-do action steps that will start to make a difference in your health and outlook from the very first week!

A Toolbox of Life-Changing Skills - and the Training to Use Them

Here are some of the things we’ll do in this groundbreaking series of 90-minute interactive webinars….

  1. Assess body systems that need restoring and re-balancing, and provide you with empowering tools and resources to restore your health
  2. Remove physical, mental, spiritual and environmental toxins through a simple, gentle 7-day cleanse
  3. Identify old patterns and beliefs that keep you in overwhelm, and give you tools to release these patterns
  4. Rediscover groundedness and ease, play and passion by balancing and activating the root chakra and sacral chakra

Personal Health Assessment

But that’s not all! You’ll also receive personal health assessments and step-by-step action plans to rebalance and restore your body systems…recipes and motivational emails to support you during the cleanse…audio recordings, mantras, and daily practices to help you reduce stress and discover joy and ease…and much, much more.


From Leading-Edge Mainstream Medicine to Holistic Practice

You see, I’m not just teaching you what I learned through my personal transformation from Superwoman to A Woman Who Does Super Things with Ease and Flow…

For the past 15 years I have been serving patients as a psychiatric nurse in Baltimore’s most prestigious medical institution. After my honest self-evaluation in 2000, I began following my passion, intensively training in holistic health and wellness – nutrition, energy medicine, movement therapy, essential oils, and other modalities. I have been building a growing private practice as a wellness coach since 2010, earning enthusiastic testimonials (link) from clients who return again and again.

You can hear my full story in this video:

  • My life with the Superwoman Syndrome
  • The effect it had on my body, mind, spirit, and relationships
  • The first step I took to reclaim my full health and wellness
What To Expect

This 4-week special program, gathers the best elements of my experience, learning, and practice, and puts them together in a comprehensive package to support your healing transformation!

And that’s not all! Everyone who signs up will receive a copy of Anne Wilson Schaef’s powerful book, Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much.

And if you sign up by Sept 1 , you’ll also receive these extra bonuses:

  • One hour of one-on-one coaching, including a medical review of your hormonal screening, a chakra assessment, and nutritional recommendations to correct imbalances
  • One bottle of essential oil for chakra balancing
  • A copy of Inspired Voices – an empowering collection of women’s stories of transformation, , featuring my personal story of healing from Superwoman Syndrome
  • A copy of You are Whole and Complete, featuring my journey through sugar addiction
What’s It Worth To You
This life-changing online program, plus all of the bonuses, is just being launched for a special, low first-run investment: two easy payments of just $160, or a single reduced payment of just $297. That includes everything – the webinars, the recordings for listening later, the coaching, and all the other bonuses.

I’m giving it all away at this low price as a one-time introductory offer – it will not be available again at this special rate!

“Sure, all of this sounds great,” I can hear you saying, “but where am I going to come up with 90 minutes a week for the webinar, plus time to read and do action steps, when I barely have time to fix my own lunch ?”

What Are You Worth To Yourself?
Ah – that’s Step One! Before you begin the program, you need to take the most important step of all: Deciding you’re worth it.

I don’t mean “You’re worth it” in the pretty airbrushed Clairol sense. You see, I know what it’s like when your body, emotions, career, and relationships all begin to dis-integrate because you’ve been busy taking care of everyone else.

And I’ve made it my mission to help women make the life-affirming decisions, and take the self-empowering steps, to save their own health, wellness….and lives. But I can’t take that first step for you….only you can do that.

Are you ready to give yourself the love, care, and nurturing that you give so generously to others…to invest in your own health and wellness as much as you invest in theirs?

If so – don’t wait. Take that first step: sign up today….and rediscover the importance of saying yes to YOU!

Starting Fall, 2015

The online group will meet every Tuesday, for 4 weeks, from 7:30 p.m to 9 p.m. EST

What Do Past Participants Have To Say?

I was so impressed with how Cassandra Herbert structured and supported my 3 day cleanse experience with her. It was my first time ever doing this and I found her instructions professional and comprehensive and her twice a day check-ins and support calls to be very thoughtful. It was because of the cleanse experience that I realized I wanted her by my side as I ‘learned’ and chose what foods to put back in my body. I was not disappointed. Cassandra put the same level of thought and detail into my healthy eating coaching over a period of six weeks as did into my three days. I feel Cassandra is a gifted, and dedicated listener and practitioner. It was amazing being able to share my symptoms and experience with someone who was really listening to me week after week and then receive such knowledgeable guidance and feedback from her. I felt immediately comfortable with Cassandra because of her background which combines Western and Eastern medicine systems. Cassandra not only brings an open mind to her clients, she also brings an open heart. That is why I believe she continues to succeed at everything she takes on

Monisha M.

I have participated in several cleanses with Cassandra Herbert. Each time I experience her cleanse, I learn something new about myself, my body, and my relationship with food. The focus on what is right for each participant as an individual is what I believe sets the Zest and Harmony Cleanse apart from others like it. I am also a believer in going with the rhythms of the seasons and looking to nature for clarity, which makes the Zest and Harmony Cleanse a good fit for me. Cassandra goes above and beyond my expectations. She clearly cares about her clients. She is very knowledgable and I appreciate her integrity, as I know she truly walks her talk and never asks her clients to do anything she has not done or would not do herself. After each cleanse I feel renewed, release weight, experience less bloating and brain fog, while finding more clarity, and LOTS more energy. I feel blessed to have Cassandra in my life and I look forward to doing a Zest and Harmony Cleanse every season.

Amber S.