nutritional wellness coaching

Nourishing wellness coaching assists you in uprooting the core of what is causing you discomfort/illness/dis-ease. I provide support, resources and education on how to nourish your body, mind and spirit so you can experience a more healthy, happy and vibrant life.

  1. Are you a Busy Professional Real – Life Superwoman who secretly feels overwhelmed depleted and fatigue? Are you feeling un-refreshed when you wake up in the morning?
  2. At 3 p.m. do you have a dip in energy that causes you to reach for a snickers and coffee?
  3. Are you feeling tired most of the day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone and there are answers.

I know because I felt like this for many years. Of course, no one knew because as a Real-Life Superwoman I know how to look good on the outside even though there is chaos going on in the inside. I would push myself and get the things completed, but it took everything within me because I felt exhausted. I was needing chocolate and caffeine to keep me going and boy did this do a number on my mood. I felt irritable and resentful towards love ones. Deep down inside I no longer possessed the Zest and Vitality that I pretended to have on the outside.

If you can relate, I am here to support you in shifting from the feeling of fatigue to one of energized juiciness.

In this 90 minute session we will:

  • Uncover what is blocking you from having the health you desire
  • Uncover what is causing your fatigue.
  • Learn what foods are depleting your energy.
  • Develop an individualized plan you can start immediately to jump start your energy and feel vibrancy inside and out.

The Jump Start Your Energy and Vitality Session includes the following:

  1. Assessments to determine which imbalances you might have. This includes the following:


  • Body Systems assessment
  • Chakra assessment
  • Examine your lab and hormone results using a functional nutrition approach to determine what deficiencies you might have and give food, herbal and supplement recommendations.
  • Food  and Sleep Assessment
  1. Receive individualized meal plan, recipes, supplement and vitamin recommendations to help support one chakra that is imbalanced. As well as other wellness recommendation to create sustainable energy and vibrancy.
  1. 90 minute session by phone or in person to discuss plan and recommendations.

The investment of Zest & Harmony’s Jump Start Your Energy and Vitality Coaching Session is $147


Working with Cassandra has impacted my life SIGNIFICANTLY. I’ve learned how to manage my stress. I’ve learned how to say NO. I’ve learned how to put me first which was a challenge because I’ve been a giver all of my life. I learned that my wellness comes first. I’ve learned how to let go and let the universe do what it does. I no longer wake up with aches and pains that I thought was just part of the aging process. I am no longer fatigued everyday. My mindset, consciousness, awareness and education around wellness has evolved significantly.

By working with Cassandra my joints feel better. My moods are much more consistent and I’m kinder to my husband. I don’t jump to respond in a snappy manner. I think first! I have more energy  I own my life! There is still work to be done but I own my life!!! Food doesn’t drive…. I am empowered. I am independent and I’m not afraid to speak up about what “I” need and not feel guilty about it. Sadly, this is where many people, especially women, lose themselves. it was a hard lesson for me to learn but you do need to take care of yourself first. YOU are the only one that can truly do this.