Want to shed the extra weight you gained over the holidays?

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The 7-Day Chakra Soup Challenge!


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Say bye-bye to the post holiday bloat & hello to healthy eating!

Hi, I’m Cassandra Herbert a Holistic Nurse Consultant, Food and Spirit Practitioner, and Healthy Eating Coach, but most of all I am a Busy Professional, Real-Life Superwoman who has learned how important it is to nourish my body with colorful vibrant whole foods that keep me Healthy and Energized so I can accomplish all my goals, plans and intentions in 2017.

I’m here to show other Real-Life Superwomen  just how simple and tasty rainbow eating can be.

Join me now for the 7-Day Epic Chakra Soup Challenge!


When you sign up, you’ll receive:

  • The detailed instructions on how the challenge works
  • 14 simple soup recipes full of delicious flavors and how each nourish your chakras
  • Access to my online community for support & interaction with me & the other challengers!


You’ll also have the chance to win one of the following:

1. The Chakra Kitchen Cookbook and Frontier Soup Mix
2. A $50 Whole Foods Gift Card or $50 Daily Harvest Gift Card
3. A free spot in my Winter Sugar Detox (valued at $127)

Are you ready for the challenge?


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