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If you are too busy or too tired to cook for yourself and are eating microwave meals more days than not.

If you don’t often make time for self-care and as a result, secretly feel depleted, deprived and overwhelmed.

If you feel as though your not able to fit into your favorite black dress or jeans.

If you don’t have the energy you need to do all that’s on your to-do-list.

If you feel like you are juggling so many balls and are scared if one drops someone will find out you don’t have it all together.

If you said yes, to 2 or more of the above you deserve a Get Happy AND Healthy Discovery Session.


I love assisting busy, on-the-go Women get out of this overwhelming pattern, shift from fatigue to fabulous and experience a greater sense of peace in their life. 


My Story

For many years, I was addicted to overwhelm, thought busyness was a badge of honor and thrived off multitasking or so I thought. To fuel my fast paced life I needed and craved sugar and processed carbs. The more I did the more I secretly felt overwhelmed and stressed. This eventually caused me to gain weight, feel tired but wired, have less energy to do everything on my list and feel terrified that someone would discover I didn’t have it all together. Oh yea and then there was the snapping at my husband because I had to blame someone. As well as the worrying about money because of the out of control spending, on buying things to fill up my “not enoughness”. 

The Good News

The good news is you don’t have to go through this and you certainly don’t have to figure it out on your own. Because I’ve found a way out!

From my own personal experience and years of working with busy professional women I have created a 8 pillar system to support women in giving themselves permission to let go of overwhelm and the need to do it ALL and say yes to self and discover what truly makes them healthy AND happy.

What to Expect?

During this 60 minutes together we will
1. Explore how letting go of overwhelm and taking care of You, will boost your energy, increase your productivity, release weight and allow ease in all areas of your life.
2. Discuss what’s blocking you from having the health and happiness you desire?
3. Determine what support you need to have this amazing life and if we are a match


Normally, I charge $147 , as a special welcome to potential new clients, this get-acquainted session to see if we’re a match is complimentary.

Ready, Start, GO!

If you are ready to look and feel amazing, sign up for a discovery session with me and let’s see if I can help.

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“Working with Cassandra helped me feel renewed, released weight, experience less bloating and brain fog, while finding more clarity, and LOTS more energy. I feel blessed to have Cassandra in my life.”