• Therapeutic Mission

    I’m here to address and affirm you as a full and complete person; tap into your inner wisdom and deep inner strength to better support you on your life journey.

  • Education and Credentials

    University of Rochester: RN; University of Maryland: MSN; Tennessee State University: MSN Holistic Nursing…

  • Certifications

    APRN/PMH-BC – Board Certified Advanced practice psychiatric mental health nurse; AHN-BC – Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse; CDNC – Certified Chemical Dependency Nurse; NANDA Certified Articular Acupuncture Specialist; Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator; Level II Gottman Training

  • Fun Facts

    Favorite flower: Asian Lily; Played flute in a high school jazz band

Cassandra Herbert MS, APRN/PMH-BC, AHN-BC, CDNC

Cassandra Herbert — holistic nurse psychotherapist, wellness educator, and health advocate — describes herself as a

“loving, energetic entrepreneur who supports women in integrating their body, mind and spirit in a rapturous three part harmony to embrace all life has to offer.”

Those words are not spoken lightly. This is a woman who offers wellness teaching out of deep personal experience.


Graduating from the University of Maryland in 2002 with a degree in Adult Mental Health Nursing, Cassandra followed up with certifications in chemical dependency nursing and acupuncture detoxification, completed a postgraduate degree in holistic nursing in 2010 and board certification as a nurse therapist in 2011. These degrees, along with her ongoing training in all things holistic, have formed the foundation of Zest and Harmony Counseling.

But between those degrees lay a bleak period of chronic illness that transformed her life.


self-discoveryBattling the systemic candida that affected both her physical and emotional well-being, and getting no relief through mainstream medicine, Cassandra embarked on a quest to find effective alternative treatments. Through extensive reading, nutrition, acupuncture, and other modalities, she found not only the answers she needed, but also the realization that she could take charge of her health through a holistic lifestyle.

Part of the solution, she saw, was simply to remove the toxins present in her diet and the common personal care and cleaning products in her home environment. As she experienced the profound effect this change had upon her own well-being, she felt compelled to make healthy, organic personal-care options available to everyone. In 2004, she released her line of all-natural bath and body products, Creations By Cassandra™.

Holistic Wellness

Over the years that followed, Cassandra was continually pursuing her self-propelled studies in holistic living – conferences, online courses, books, and weekend workshops on meditation, nutrition, mental health and wellness, addiction, yoga, aromatherapy, herbs…not to mention her graduate studies in holistic nursing and psychotherapy. By 2011, she was ready to establish Zest and Harmony Counseling, a private practice focused on promoting health, wellness, and abundant living through a holistic framework, including:

  • alternative medicine
  • herbal and organic products
  • aromatherapy
  • toxin-free living
  • mind-body-spirit interdependence
Other Interests

Understanding that it’s impossible to have complete health and well-being without a healthy and balanced lifestyle, she’s working with a variety of speakers, healers, and teachers to offer the Just BEE Wellness Community. Some of these experts were instrumental in her own growth; others she endorses for their unique healing practices or products.

When she is not busy building Creations By Cassandra, Zest and Harmony Counseling and the Just BEE Wellness community, Cassandra enjoys travel, bellydancing, reading, gardening, and spending time with her husband and business partner, Lovell.