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It’s 2018! Did you set resolutions, goals or intentions for the year? In the past, I set resolutions and goals for the year. My favorite, which was a goal I made almost every year,  I will go to the gym three times a week. Like many people I would go 3-4 times a week for most of Jan and by Feb I stopped going. Sometimes I might last till March or I would start back in the summer because I looked at my finances and realized I was paying for a gym membership and was not going. How many of you can relate? Well for the last several years instead of resolutions and goals I have set intentions and have chosen words for the year.

I usually choose about three words which I want to represent me, my desire and how I want to be for the year. Last year my words were Grounded, Inspired, Expansion. I also have an essential oil to go with the words which last year was Frankincense. Inhaling the essential oil while repeating the words helped me to connect to my emotional self and supported me in feeling grounded and inspired which had ripple of expansion in all areas of my life.

This year the four words which resonate with my soul desires for 2018 are…

Purposeful, Presence, Pleasure , Playful.

I am part of a 30 day writing program with Andrea Hylen of Heal My Voice. She recommended the following exercise when choosing your words.

  1.  When you choose your word(s) for the year, first begin by reading definitions of the words and getting clear on what the words means to you.
  2. Look at the opposite of the words. This is a clue as to what will be highlighted so that you can embrace the words throughout this year.
  3. Begin unraveling and dissecting the words to embrace and understand them more. What intention are you really setting in place for the year?
This  is what bubbled up for me doing this exercise with my four words.
PURPOSEFUL – having useful purpose, intentional.
Prior to the start of 2018 I was doing something that I felt was very purposeful and I thought to myself in 2018 I want everything I do to be purposeful.
A question I will ask myself is how does doing something purposeful feel in my body and when I am doing something from a more aimless place where do I feel that in my body? This is something I will ponder over the next month.
PRESENCE – being present
Initially one of my words was going to be connection, but when I explored it a little deeper I realized it was more about being present in all my interactions and in all I do. To really connect with others from my heart space and to be open to listening and receiving. 
Over the next month I will ponder what inhibits me from being present as well as what allows me to be more present. I know the one thing that helps me be present in taking a deep breath. I am curious to notice what else can support me in being in the present moment. Also are there activities, people or places that help me to feel more present? I am also curious where does presence show up in my body?
PLEASURE – Feelings of happy satisfaction and enjoyment
This year I want to nurture my feminine energy and one of those ways is allowing for more pleasure in my life. I have decided to do more things that bring me pleasure and if it isn’t pleasurable I will ask myself why am I doing it?  If I am feeling a strong dislike or aversion I will also ask myself  how can I make this experience or task more pleasurable?
PLAYFUL– the quality of being lighthearted and fun.
I appreciate the synonyms of this word which are cheerful, flirtatious, lively, and spirited. All of which I want to bring forth each and everyday.

Being playful, like pleasure will help nourish my feminine energy and sacral chakra.  My daily question is how can I bring more play into my daily activities?

I intuitively created a beautiful essential oil blend to go with my words. The blend is called In The Flow, which I probably will change to the 4 P’s.  It has doTERRA Passion Blend, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense in it. Click here to read the blog on how these oils support my words and my souls desire for 2018.

I would love to know what your intentions or words are for 2018. Please comment below on what your word(s) or intentions are for the new year.


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  1. Susan Allison-Dean
    Susan Allison-Dean says:

    ACTION that is my key word. I have spent the past two years rebooting my education and gathering resources now I am ready to implement them with purpose. I agree with you, I also have FUN on the agenda. Love the question you ask, if I am not having fun, why am I doing it? Maybe we should revisit all these intentions in December and see how we did! Best Wishes, Cassandra.

  2. Elizabeth Scala
    Elizabeth Scala says:

    Your words are awesome. So inspiring. I have done this before. And at the same time am taking a break this year. My focus is on strategies that monetize and clear action that supports my intentions.


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