Are your emotions like a roller coaster ride?

Do you feel like your life is a whirlwind of ups and downs, like your emotions are about as stable as a roller coaster ride? I don’t like roller coasters and I surely don’t like when my emotions are like a roller coaster ride. So you might be saying, Cassandra, what is the solution cause I don’t like when my emotions are up and down either.  The solution to your woes might not be as complicate as you’d imagine. In fact, there’s a simple way to stabilize your mood, fight off depression and anxiety, balance your hormones, and help you feel more focused and on your A-game as a Busy Professional, Real-Life Superwoman.

It’s not a magic pill or anything crazy… it’s actually just going back to how humans ate for hundreds of thousands of years… Getting rid of foods with added sugar. Yes, you read it right. Eliminating sugar from your meal plan. I am not talking about natural sugar which is found in fruits. I am talking pastries, candy, bagels, muffins, vitamin water and even some protein bars.  There are many ways that sugar can negatively impact you from feeling your best.

Sugar and Depression

Just by getting rid of sugar from your diet you can experience the peace of mind you long for. Various studies have shown that sugar consumption suppresses activity of BDNF a hormone low in people with depression and other mental health problems. In countries with higher rates of depression, there’s typically higher levels of sugar consumption too. How much sugar did you eat today?

Sugar and Memory

Too much sugar makes it harder to remember things and potentially cause permanent damage. Results of a study conducted at the University of Southern California has shown that adolescent rats that freely consumed large quantities of liquid solutions containing sugar or high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in concentrations comparable to popular sugar-sweetened beverages experienced memory problems and brain inflammation. Got brain fog issues? Could be related to your sugar consumption.

Sugar and Mood Swings

Mood swings and endless ups and downs are caused by a hormonal imbalance, which sugar exacerbates. When you rely on sugar as a main energy source you become a slave to blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar results in emotional lows while high blood sugar makes you feel, well, high on life, but not for long as the cycle inevitably repeats itself. As a former sugaraholic I am very familiar with this cycle and let me tell you those lows were no fun.

When you get off the sugar roller coaster your blood sugar levels stabilize and you start to feel happier and more in balance. The little things don’t get to you quite as upset and you become more resilient to life’s surprises. Yes, you can feel this amazing by getting rid of sugar.

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  1. Nurse Born Products
    Nurse Born Products says:

    Sugar is in everything! After getting diagnosed with Celiac disease and started reading labels, as a necessity to avoid gluten, I noticed that sugar is in just about everything. Gluten Free products are particularly laden with sugar. Avoiding sugary treats is a constant struggle in willpower for me every day. I know that I feel better when I don’t eat it, I feel happier, healthier and have less inflammation ~ So why is it so hard to give up?

  2. Elizabeth Scala
    Elizabeth Scala says:

    Fascinating stuff. I mean… most people, when stressed, will reach for a soda, candy bar, or some other sugary snack. Raising my hand here. It is so helpful to put into perspective all of the negative ways that this “comfort food” is actually affecting us. I did not realize that sugar could impact my memory! Maybe in learning this new information I will be more mindful of my food choice when I am needing that get-up-and-go!! Thanks for the post, sharing!

  3. Nicole Vienneau
    Nicole Vienneau says:

    S-U-G-A-R! grrrrrrrr…. it’s everywhere and I know it causes havoc inside me for sure- which is why I am working VERY hard to keep it out of my body and focusing on fresh foods as much as possible. Sharing with my Elimination Food Plan Group who have eliminated it in seeking more clarity and better health. I’ll also share it with my sugar addicts. 🙁


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