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Let’s Talk Men’s Health

In honor of Men’s Health Month, I wanted to do a blog especially for the men and for the women who love them. Most of my community are busy professional women, so I encourage the women in my community to read this article and share the tips (lovingly) to your man or men you might […]

What’s metabolism got to do with it?

Do you feel tired and fatigue? Does it seem as though your hands and feet are always cold? Do you have extra weight around your middle that doesn’t seem to want to go away? Do things seems not to be moving in the digestive department? If you said yes, to any of these questions your […]

Top Winter Foods To Boost Your Energy and Immune System

“When we adjust our diet and lifestyle to match the season, health promoting digestive microbes dramatically change. Winter microbes support balanced immunity, digestion, mood, energy, blood sugar, weight, sleep – and much more. Winter is also associated with the qualities of ‘Vata’, which are cold, air, dry and light. To stay balanced, focus on food […]

5 Achievable New Year’s Goals For The Busy Professional

Can you believe it will be 2017 in less than 24 hours?  As a Busy Professional, Real-Life Superwoman you’ve probably have your New Year’s Resolutions, goals or intentions all written down. Am I right? So many people commit to huge New Year’s resolutions that are nearly impossible to achieve. Then, they end up not reaching […]