Stay Grounded and Healthy During The Holidays with Frankincense Essential Oil

Are you feeling the hustle bustle of the holiday season? Are you getting the sleep you need to sustain your energy for the day? Are you feeling out of harmony?

Earlier this week I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and the stress the holiday season can sometimes bring, but instead of riding that frantic energy I paused and did one of my favorite self-nourishing activities.

I mix Frankincense essential oil with avocado oil and rub it on the bottom of my feet. I massage each foot for at least one minute . Oh my goodness!!! you don’t realize how much tension you hold in your feet until you start massaging them. Massaging my feet helps to release tension, improve blood circulation not just in my feet, but other organs in my body as well as ground me.

And did you know using Frankincense essential oil supports your immune system? Just what us Busy Professional, Real-Life Superwomen need during the winter season.

Frankincense oil is one of my favorite essential oils. Each year I choose an essential oil for the year and for 2016 I chose Frankincense because it enhances focus and faith, which were two of my words for 2016. (My words were Focus + Faith = Freedom). I usually will just add Frankincense oil to the palm of my hands prior to meditating and inhale the aroma, but for the past couple of weeks I have used it in my daily foot massage and I believe it’s what has helped me to have sustained, grounded energy and keep from getting the cold and cough people at my nursing job had.

Frankincense oil is known by many as the “king of oils.” In ancient Egypt it was considered more precious than gold. It has been used for thousands of years by the Assyrians, Egyptians, Babylonians, and other ancient cultures for religious ceremonies, perfumes, and healing salves. As an ingredient in holy incenses , it was used anciently during sacrificial ceremonies to help improve communication with the creator
( Source: Modern Essentials Book)

Here are several benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil:

    • Supports a healthy immune system (who doesn’t need that during winter)
    • Helps maintain healthy inflammatory response
    • Antiseptic properties
    • Calming and balancing properties (tree oils are so grounding)
    • Promotes cellular health
    • Supports healthy skin regeneration
    • Emotionally and spiritually, frankincense “helps a person drop out of their mind and Ego and move into presence with their spirit or center of consciousness. It helps a person lean into their own spiritual practice with trust by dropping fear and other barriers to a deeper connection of one’s own understanding”. (Source:
    • Nourishes the root chakra with it’s grounding properties and the the crown by enhancing your connection with the Divine

Please share below what your favorite essential is and why.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Frankincense essential oil as well as 15 other oils to use during the holiday and winter season, check out my new Essential Oils Holiday Guide. It’s a free guide to help you STAY HEALTHY AND ENERGIZED THIS SEASON.

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  1. Elizabeth Scala
    Elizabeth Scala says:

    Gosh! I need to do this for Drew. He is always getting sick… was/is sick again this holiday season (bummer). So thank you for this information and the fact that this boosts our immunity. I will certainly be checking it out and hoping to share some with him in 2017! Thanks for the great tips!!

    • Cassandra
      Cassandra says:

      Sorry to hear about Drew and hope he is feeling better. Let me know what essential oils you decide to use and the benefits you two receive.

  2. Marcelletta
    Marcelletta says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I’m using frankincense in one of my skin products for my scalp. Glad to know of it’s other uses!

    • Cassandra
      Cassandra says:

      Marcelletta, I would love to know what else you put in your skin product and do you sell it. I love homemade natural bath and body products.


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