Sprouts – The Other Green Superfood

As spring is ramping up into summer, our commitments as Busy Professional Women are increasing…and all the while we’re anxiously preparing for the onset of Swimsuit Season!

How can you meet your body’s need for high-energy nutrition, without taking on the weight of carbs and sugars? Simple! There is a superfood I highly recommend you start adding to your meal plan during the spring and that is SPROUTS.

Sprouts have a number of benefits for us Busy Professional women. First of all, they’re a high-density food, containing a significant amount of protein and dietary fiber, as well as vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, niacin, thiamin, vitamin C, vitamin A, and riboflavin. In terms of minerals, sprouts contain manganese, copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium.

So, eating sprouts will help boost your metabolism and help you release weight.

But not only this: sprouts also help protect against the impact of stress, by nourishing the adrenals, boosting your immune system and reducing your risk of heart disease.

There’s a bigger picture here: sprouts are considered live food, which makes their nutrients more available for digestion and assimilation. According to the Nourishing Gourmet, because they are germinating from seed to plant, sprouts neutralize enzyme inhibitors and anti-nutrients such as phytic acid, which can impair your digestion, prevent your assimilation of valuable minerals, and even inhibit your own body enzymes.

On an energetic level, sprouts are a green food, nourishing the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra helps us to see the world as a warm and friendly place…that helps us to reach out and connect with others in friendship, compassion, and altruistic love…that makes it possible for us to meld our awareness with Divine Awareness to achieve inner peace. No matter how much pain and sorrow your heart may be carrying, the Heart Chakra carries an unbreakable connection to a limitless, infinite Love, overflowing with compassion for all beings, including yourself

As we’re stepping out into the sunshine after a long gray winter, what could be a better energy to carry into spring?

There are so many types of sprouts…from the basics like alfalfa sprouts and bean sprouts to radish, clover, almond, even sprouts of spice seeds like fenugreek or sesame. Right now, my favorites are sunflower sprouts, which I have only seen at Whole Foods. I add these to my soups, salads, wraps, smoothies and eat them plain.

For a super-nutritious do-it-yourself project, you might consider making your own sprouts fresh. Sprouting.com and SproutPeople.org  give loads of information on sources for organic grains, legumes and seeds; the best equipment, methods, and safety factors – even recipes for your finished product!

Do you like sprouts? What are your favorite type of sprouts…and what are your favorite recipes featuring this green superfood?

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  1. Elizabeth Scala
    Elizabeth Scala says:

    Wow, what awesome information, Cassandra. I know I can always count on your to teach me healthy eating and tips that I can use. Thanks for this content on the sprouts (so much I did NOT know). Sharing with my audience!!

  2. April
    April says:

    We love sprouts! I used to be able to buy a huge bag for the equivalent of one dollar when we loved in Okinawa.nthey are much more expensive here in the States, so we started sprouting our own. We typically use Ming beans, but I’ve also enjoyed pea sprouts from a local farmer friend. It’s so simple, and they are great on salads or in stir fry. I shared a post about fermentation and probiotics with a kimchi recipe recently. I think my followers would appreciate this post on sprouts too. Thanks!

    • Cassandra
      Cassandra says:

      Thank you for sharing. Sprouts are such a great benefit & the fact that you are growing them makes them even better.


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