I don’t know about you, but when spring hits this Busy Professional, Real-Life Superwoman feels energized and ready to start new and exciting projects. I also have a strong desire to clear out clutter not just in my home, but in my mind, body and spirit. For me it’s a time to release limited beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve me from accomplishing my deepest desires.

It’s also a perfect time to do a detox. Every year around this time for the last several years I have done a spring detox. Why? Because in traditional Chinese medicine springtime is associated with the liver and the liver is the powerhouse organ that removes toxins from my body. The less toxins the better I look and feel.

I did a detox, for the first time, over 15 years ago and it changed my life. I felt more energized, less brain fog, more creative and released some weight around my middle. What more could a Real-Life Superwoman ask for. It also help me to explore deeper the root of my sugar addiction.

Doing a holistic detox during this time of year can support your body, mind and spirit in feeling healthy and help you drop  some unwanted weight gain from the winter, which gets you looking fabulous for the summer. I know you’ve got your eye on that sexy swim suit. Here are some quick tips to get you started!

 It all starts with what’s on your fork 

REMOVE processed, packaged foods that contain things such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavoring, aspartame, and other chemicals that wrack havoc on your body. Removing these foods from your meal plan is a great way to eliminate toxins in your body. It really helps to eat whole organic foods that are seasonal. You also want to eliminate things like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, wheat, soy, and eggs while you are on a detox due to the allergens they contain, which leads to inflammation in the body.

Show me the Green

Green foods are some of the best things you can eat. Foods like parsley, spinach, peas, broccoli, watercress, and asparagus. These are all a great source of phytonutrients to help support and nourish your body. You can also eat foods like Swiss Chard, dandelion greens, arugula,  kale, and collards; These dark leafy greens make an excellent addition to any meal. They’re a great way to reduce toxins due to the chlorophyll in the leaves. During this time of year I encourage my clients to RESTORE their nutritional wellness by crowding in the green.

Get up and Get Moving

What you eat is important to your detox, but another is adding daily movement. There are a lot of ways to do this, and it doesn’t have to be extensive. Try nature walks, stretches, light yoga, or even dancing! You don’t need to exhaust yourself by running for 10 miles or long bike rides, this will only hinder your detox. Your body will be working hard to remove toxins, it needs rest to restore, not to be depleted.

Rest and Stress Relief

Speaking of REST. Take time to breathe and relax. Stress is a number one cause of inflammation in the body. 80% of all di “sease” is related to stress. Take time to meditate, take a detox bath or just sit outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.
Use essential oils to help support your detox, reduce stress, support restful sleep and shed emotional weight. I highly recommend the following essential oils during a detox.

  • Slim and Sassy by doTerra boosts metabolism and reduces cravings
  • Lavender promotes relaxation and induces sleep
  • Lemon cleanses the lymphatic system
  • Frankincense (my favorite essential oil) reduces inflammation and promotes a sense of peace and relaxation

Set Your Intention and Determine What a Detox will do for You

Remember that a detox is ultimately about you. Think about what your health and wellness goals are as a Busy Professional Woman. What do you want to experience in your life, health, relationships, finances and career? What is blocking you? How will a holistic detox support you in obtaining your goals? Comment below and let me know what steps can you take today to start eliminating toxins?

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Here’s to looking and feeling great!