Reclaim Your Balance – and Your Power – in this Election Year!

If you, like most of us, have been watching our national political conventions, you’ve probably been cycling through a whole gamut of emotions – I know I have! And from what I’ve seen, some of the strongest emotions on display have been anger….chaos….frustration…separatism…and fear.

Let’s skip all the political reasons why voters are feeling these emotions so strongly this year…that’s a whole other discussion! What I want to look at right now is the energetic reason.

 As a nation, I feel energetically our root chakra is totally out of balance, and has been for centuries. There have been pockets of time when it seems to be more out of balance than others. Such as  the last couple of months. There has been struggles for equality, innocent people being killed, Black Lives Matter protests, the argument over gun control, terrorism….  and much more.

What are the giveaway signs of an imbalanced root chakra? You guessed it: all of the emotions we’ve been seeing – and feeling – during the the last couple of month as well as the two conventions, and the primary elections leading up to them.

In fact, the campaign talk, on one side more than the other, seems to be aimed at aggravating this imbalance, triggering deep-seated concerns about safety and survival which can show up either as excessive fear or as aggression and defensiveness.

Not pleasant feelings to experience….and they lead to unpleasant – even tragic – outcomes.

So what can we do, as Busy Professional Women, to balance our own root chakras and avoid getting caught in this chaos and election-year spin?

During chaotic times it is important to do things that nourish your root chakra and ground yourself so that you can remain rooted in the present moment. Your groundedness can have a ripple effect on your friends, family, community and the nation.

Believe me, I’m right there with you in this! My heart has been feeling tender, and I have been feeling highly sensitive….so I have been taking proactive self-care actions to remain focused, grounded and present despite the crazy energies of these times.

Every morning, I meditate and rub essential oils such as as Frankincense, Lemongrass, or Cedarwood on my hands, feet and spine. My root chakra has been calling for root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and beets, and so I have been listening to my body and adding these to my diet. To nourish my heart chakra to withstand the ugly political talk, I have been eating more kale and spinach. Cucumbers have also been nourishing my heart and cooling my body and emotions.

Because the stress of current events can help to cause more inflammation and risk of illness and dis-“ease”, it’s particularly important to make sure our meals are filled with nutrient rich foods: these help to boost the immune system which in turn nourishes our root chakra.

Imbalance in our root chakra also throws other chakras into imbalance, and I see both my clients and myself becoming more emotional over the tension and chaos in our nation. This indicates imbalance in the sacral chakra, where emotions are held.

Because, as women, we tend to hold our emotions in our hips (which also hold the stress of long-term sitting jobs), I’ve been recommending and doing exercises that move and open the hips and release those emotions and stresses. Bellydance is a wonderful practice for this purpose, with its wealth of hip shimmies and circling. Depending on the nature and strength of the emotions you need to work out, and your own fitness level, other options can range from yoga to barre exercises to kickboxing.

Bottom line? It’s easy to feel helpless, caught up into the emotions that are sweeping the nation. But as Busy Professional Women, we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to claim our own power and autonomy and manage our emotions rather than letting them control us. Ultimately this helps us to remain clear-headed and make good, positive choices, for ourselves and for the nation!

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