How To Do It All This Summer and Not Sacrifice Your Health and Happiness

Ah, Summer – the time to do it all! You know – the family picnics and vacations, the fairs and festivals, and of course, the clients, networking events, and projects at work. From brilliant sunrise to late sunset, you’re on the run…and even when you’re tanning at the beach, your cell phone or pager is tuned in, waiting for the next person who must get hold of you right away – am I right?

Let’s face it – most of us Busy Professional, On The Go Women love this time of year because we can connect with more people and get more done, but are we sacrificing our own health and happiness as a result? While many ancient wisdom traditions describe summer as the “season of rapid growth,” looking at the way flowers and crops shoot up from seed to flower to fruit, it’s important to take the wisdom of tropical regions into account also:

Move gently. Drink frequently. Take siestas in the heat of the day. Simplify. And engage with passion – whether it’s in romance or in your work.

The first four are probably no surprise – and who hasn’t relished a summer romance? But engaging with passion in your work –?

Actually, yes! How many of us do our work as a “should” – you “should” take on this project, this priority, this client. You “should” go to this networking mixer, that opening, this conference. You “should” make yourself endlessly, endlessly available to all who need you, and meet all of their expectations.

Take it from me – I’ve been there, and that’s the road to collapse!

So I challenge you to make your wellness a priority and savor this season as a time to do what you love, not letting your life be ruled by what other people expect you to do.

First, decide how you want to feel this summer. I was listening to a call by Tiffany Peterson of Tiffany Speaks and she was discussing how to create a summer success plan in your life and business. In this call she had us write down what we wanted to create in our lives and businesses.

She asked us: what do you want to create more of in your life? Is it overwhelm, more things to do, stress, fatigue? Or is it joy, vitality, abundance, connection and ease? If it is the second group, then look at how you can create those experiences. You might need to do one or more of the following:

  1. Examine your schedule and let go of the obligations that don’t make your heart sing. Where are you saying “yes” because you believe you’re the only one who can do the job? How can you empower others by delegating the job to them?
  2. Identify the things about your work that do make your heart sing, and ask: how can I build on these? What are they trying to tell me – how can I shape my work to include more of them?
  3. Find a way to reframe the “musts” of your life so that they do bring you joy. For example, “This gas and electric bill gives my home light, delicious meals, hot baths, clean clothes, and an internet connection to the world!”
  4. Make a list of things and experiences that bring you joy and add them to your calendar. Make a bucket list of 99 things to do before you’re 99, and start living it!
  5. Take time to have fun each day! Schedule a Game Night with your besties, have Super Soaker battles with your kids, or play strip poker with your lover.
  6. Shop farmers’ markets and eat whole foods that are in season – this will boost your mood and energy. Fresh tomatoes, just hours off the vine, from a farmer who greets you by name – perfection!
  7. Get moving, with activities that fill your body with delight. Bellydance? Yoga? Gardening? Horseback riding? Rollerblading? Bring ‘em on!
  8. Connect with people who make you smile and bring you joy. How long has it been since you had a Girls’ Night Out with your best friend?
  9. Start the day by writing down five things you love about yourself, and five things that fill you with gratitude about your life.
  10. Set your intentions each day on how you want to feel, then affirm it throughout the day. For example, “This is a day of joy, wonder, and laughter!”

Make each day a wonderful day – and you’ll have a spectacular summer!

Are you A Busy Professional, On The Go Woman who wants to do it all this summer, but not have to sacrifice your health and happiness ? Schedule your 60 minute Look and Feel Fabulous Discovery Session. Click here to schedule.

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