Experience Mind/Body/Spirit Enlightenment through the Crown Chakra

Over the past year or so, we’ve journeyed through the chakras, from exploring the tribal connections and survival concerns at our root through discovering the intuitive inner wisdom accessed through the “seat of the soul” or third eye.

And now, it’s time to take the final step, uniting our physical, intellectual, emotional,, and spiritual being with the Source of All That Is, at the crown chakra.

Called Sahasrara, or “the thousand-petaled” in Sanskrit, the crown chakra is located at the top of the head, at the powerful acupuncture meridian point called “Baek-Hwe,” which can activate the entire body and chakra system with one precisely-placed needle. It’s associated with the colors of white and violet, and the sacred syllable OM.

The crown chakra is the one that brings everything together at every level. Physically, it’s the place of muscular coordination, nervous system vitality, and immune health. Emotionally, it’s the place where we experience trust, devotion, inspiration, happiness, and positivity. Intellectually, it’s the place of vision and clarity regarding our life’s purpose. And spiritually, it’s the point at which we connect with both deep self awareness and cosmic consciousness.

A healthy functioning crown chakra will manifest as the ability to be confident in your faith in a Higher Power, higher self, or in a force that is highly intelligent and creative. Usually, this person will appear as a devout religious or spiritual person who is truly committed to his faith and allows God to guide all decisions in his life. This person may also appear as someone who has strong overarching spiritual principles by which she lives her life. These principles would be founded in a belief in a Higher Power. Examples of people who lived this message would be Mother Teresa and Gandhi

Likewise, if the crown chakra is unbalanced, deep problems can surface: autoimmune issues, lack of physical  coordination,  MS, pineal and pituitary problems, headaches (particularly migraines), depression, even schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder.

On the psychological level, there may be a pattern of shutting out new ideas, feelings, or experiences, and an overall sense of meaninglessness in life  and disconnection from oneself, others, and the Divine….or, if the chakra is overactive, there may be sensory or psychic hypersensitivity and overwhelm, a need to be right and to proselytize, and a sense of ungroundedness.

How can you regain the radiant health and sense of magic in life that come with an open and balanced crown chakra? Here are just a few tips:

Nutrition: because the crown chakra addresses the nervous system and energy body, it requires nourishment on a different level from the other chakras.  Dr. Oz suggests purple foods along with sunlight, fresh air, and being out in nature. I would go further and also suggest both purple and white foods such as eggplant, cabbage, grapes, onions, edible violet blossoms, garlic, fish, and cauliflower. Not only pure air but also pure water is important, and foods high in the B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12) to help support the immune and nervous systems.

Essential Oils:  According to Starchaser Aromatics and Energy Work, some of the oils that can support the crown chakra are:

  • Basil (stimulating spiritual connection, including the call to service, and helping with indecision and feelings of vulnerability or lack of control)
  • Frankincense (helping to awaken the spiritual or soul purpose, as well as relieving anxiety, restlessness, nervous tension and stress-related conditions)
  • Ginger (expandng and aligning the crown with other chakras)
  • Spikenard (inspiring spiritual commitment and devotion, assisting with animal communication and relieving fear of death)
  • Angelica (addressing nervous tension and weakness, fatigue, and feelings of hopelessness and indecision)
  • Rosewood (balancing, calming and uplifting, particularly for those who feel overwhelmed or exhausted by life burdens)

Crystals: While a large number of purple and white crystals can be used to open and balance the crown chakra, the most popular are these:

  • Amethyst (relieving stress, aiding meditation, supporting past-life recall, relieving insomnia and nightmares and heightening intuition)
  • Sugilite(relieving headaches, supporting deep spiritual connection, and protecting against negative energetic influences)
  • Clear quartz crystal (revealing inner negativity and replacing it with positive thought; increasing awareness and clarity, and enhancing energy and patience)
  • Herkimer diamond (clearing the chakras, opening channels for spiritual energy to flow, and activating and opening the crown and )
  • Selenite (accessing connection with the Divine and angelic realms, delivering clarity of mind, and cleansing negative energy build-up for personal transformation)

Yoga: The yoga asanas best suited to balancing the crown chakra are the Corpse Pose, the Half Lotus, and the Headstand. The goal here is to ground yourself with connection to the Earth; to go inward and connect to your deep wisdom and inner divinity; and then to open the crown chakra by drawing the blood to your head through inversion.

Sacred Space: To create a sacred environment that helps you to balance the crown chakra, turn off all outside distractions (radio, TV, Internet, phone…) and bring in as much violet and white light as you can. Candles, crystals, tapestries – especially bearing the sacred symbol of OM, or the symbol of the Thousand-Petaled Lotus – will all help to focus your attention. Meditate on opening to the divine Love radiating throughout the universe. Watch your dreams and daydreams…often Spirit speaks through these when you have set the intent of  opening your crown chakra.

Now that you have experienced the energies of each of the chakras, you may feel their energy rising as you do the crown chakra meditation. This is kundalini, which can be a powerful, transformative force! While kundalini really deserves a post of its own, this beginning meditation can help you to experience it on a simple, beginning level: http://www.onlinemeditation.org/meditation-class-3/guided-meditation/

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