Book Review: Nursing from Within, by Elizabeth Scala

I’m thrilled and honored to write this post…my friend and nursing colleague Elizabeth Scala has asked me to review her newly released book, Nursing from Within.

You might be wondering – what does a nursing book have to do with you? Well, as a nurse, I’ve experienced much of what Elizabeth is discussing in this book. In fact, it’s been the driving force for me in healing and changing my own life, and helping my clients to heal and change theirs! And the lessons she shares in her book deeply echo the lessons that I offer.

In the first few chapters, she discusses how stressful and challenging working as a nurse can be…and then reveals the simple tools she developed to become a healthy, vibrant nurse who takes care of herself so she can effectively take care of others.  These tools are not only effective for nurses, but for all practitioners, coaches and healers; we can all use them in our personal and professional lives!

Some of the tools which resonated with me were…

1. Be Present – Elizabeth writes, “ You actually don’t need any more information. What you need is peace and quiet. You need to be in the present moment. You need to exist in your here-and-now”.  Amen! I firmly believe in, practice, and teach mindfulness and present moment awareness; I feel being present is where all healing begins. If we don’t take the time to be still, how will we know what we need at that moment? How will we know what our patient or client needs?

2. Every situation is a gift –  Elizabeth encourages nurses to repeat a very powerful affirmation every day: “ I choose to view every situation as an opportunity for learning, growth , healing and change.” If we look at every situation as a gift, no matter what emotion we are experiencing, no matter how challenging a situation or a person is, we can ask ourselves, “What is it I need to learn from this?” It’s another practice which can bring perspective and healing to our lives.

3. Self-love –  Elizabeth calls her readers to remember: “To reconnect with the nurse within means that you love this person that you are. Just as you are. Loving you as you. Being you and no one else. Loving Yourself.” Love is the highest frequency emotion: if we love ourselves, then we can’t help but radiate love to others. Imagine the healing that can take place if we all allow our love to shine!

Having love for yourself also means you will take time for self-care, which Elizabeth emphasizes in this book.  Self-care is essential to us as nurses, because if we aren’t well, how can we help others?

I really enjoyed reading Elizabeth’s book, not only because I could relate to her experience as a nurse, but also because it helped me to remember that these lessons are shared by all of us who want to be present and conscious in all our interactions. Self-love, self-care, and the recognition of every situation, no matter how challenging, as a gift, is essential to our health and wellbeing.

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