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Anxious? The Problem May Be In Your Pantry..

Perhaps you’ve been putting it down to the times we’re living in…between the economy, the environment, the atmosphere at work and all the rest, who can blame anyone for being on edge? But if you’re like millions of people – more than 4 million in the U.S. alone! – there may be something more going […]

When Mother Nature Hits the Snooze Button…

What’s going on with Spring, already? One day we’re out in short sleeves, admiring the crocuses and daffodils budding, and then – whoosh – next thing we know we’re shivering under a torrent of white stuff coming down. We’re past the Equinox – surely the weather should be cooperating? Is Mother Nature playing Lucy’s football […]

The Keys To Love

It’s the most popular myth in the world…that your true love is “out there,” and one day you will discover that person. It’s just a matter of enduring the loneliness and looking in the right places to find him or her. S/he’s your other half, your soulmate, your twin flame…your life until you are united […]

Start Your New Year with Steps Toward Empowerment!

Happy New Year! I’m hoping that your holidays have been joyous and filled with family, friends, and fun, and that 2014 is filled with wonder and wellness. And if you’re like 90% of the world, you’re probably beginning the year with a list of resolutions in your shiny new calendar… Maybe something like this: Resolved: […]

Introducing The Chakra’s – The Root Chakra

Introducing the Chakras: The Root Chakra Very often I’m asked — what are the chakras, and why are they important to wellness? The answer goes deep into the ancient knowledge of many cultures…far too much to detail here…but I do want to give the basics in this and the next six posts. Essentially, the chakras […]

Celebrate The Truth of Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you planning for this American holiday? Are you expecting a traditional festival of family, food and fun — or perhaps a day of service at a soup kitchen — or maybe an early holiday shopping expedition? Or are you perhaps expecting a dinner alone, or a day spent at work? Just […]

Rejuvenation Winter Cleanse

Want to feel rested and rejuvenated? Frustrated with those love handles that become easier to grab each year? Need a meal plan that will help keep off the weight, not just in January, but the entire year? Craving more energy and less stress? Feel as though you are not functioning at your most optimal? Ready […]

The Power of Sound Healing & Reiki

Our special guest for this podcast is Andrea Wenger. She discusses The Power of Sound Healing and Reiki [podloveaudio src=”https://znhcounseling-media.s3.amazonaws.com/zestandharmonyshow_powerofsoundhealing.mp3″ title=”The Power of Sound Healing and Reiki”]