5 Achievable New Year’s Goals For The Busy Professional

Can you believe it will be 2017 in less than 24 hours?  As a Busy Professional, Real-Life Superwoman you’ve probably have your New Year’s Resolutions, goals or intentions all written down. Am I right?

So many people commit to huge New Year’s resolutions that are nearly impossible to achieve. Then, they end up not reaching their goals. One suggestion I have for you is to make your New Year’s resolutions ACHIEVABLE this year.

When you do achieve your goals, you will be much healthier and happier.

Here are five resolutions that are totally achievable:

#1. Hydrate with more water
Do you notice when you drink more water you feel better? Water helps your body and mind to run better and will even help you to release weight. Water will help give you a beautiful, youthful glow too. Make sure that you don’t just chug it all at once. Grab a water bottle and keep it with you throughout the day. This will make it that much easier to achieve your goal, and it will be so beneficial for your entire body.
Tip: You want to drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water per day. What works for me and my clients is to start our day off with 12-16 oz of warm water with lemon each morning.

#2. Crowd out unhealthy foods and crowd in healthy foods
Unhealthy foods that are filled with sugar, artificial flavors and color and chemicals  do our bodies no good. Instead of just eating because you have a sweet tooth craving or because something looks delicious, eat because you want to nourish your body. If you eat whole, colorful foods that will give you sustained energy and help you to feel better, you’ll be on track for a healthier New Year. So, start 2017 by eating whole foods that nourish and benefit your body.
Tip: Look at your plate or bowl of food and see how many colors you have on it. The more colors you have on your plate the more nutrients you are taking in. (No the color of condiments do not count. LOL)
A trick that works for me is to think rainbow eating with each meal.

#3. Move more
Most people think of a New Year’s resolution as heading to the gym every morning. Although this is a great goal, it can sometimes be un-achievable with your schedule.

Going to the gym, is a goal, I gave up years ago. I had the best intentions to get to the gym. I would do it for a month even two, but then I would miss a day, and another day and by April it would be over a month since I had gone to the gym. Why? because my schedule got too busy to set aside 2-3 hours for the gym. That includes travel time, work out time, and shower.
You do not need to head to the gym to move more. In fact, if you sit all day it’s a very good idea to go for a walk on your lunch break, or stand up and move in between breaks.

Tip: Make moving fun in 2017!  You will feel so much better! My favorite way to get daily moving in is to take a 5-10 minute dance break.

#4. Let go of negative thinking
Every person has thoughts that creep into their head. Sometimes we can become more judgmental and critical of others in our head, or even put ourselves down. In 2017, make it a goal of yours to pause,  be more conscious of the negative thinking, and to shift it to something positive. Focusing on the present moment and what you do have and what is working in your life will shift the energy.  This will also help you to be an overall happier person and will even help you to become healthier.
Tip: What works for me in shifting my thinking is to say I choose love or to focus on what I am grateful for.

#5 Do the things that excite you
As I end 2016,  I have been using the book, The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte to set goals that excite and bring me pleasure. I am letting go of the things that I don’t like, that weigh me down and are toxic to my soul. I am looking at how I want to feel in 2017, which includes blissful, vibrant, energized, ease, grounded, inspired, abundance, grateful and loving, (to name a few) and setting goals around these feelings.
Tip: Check out Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map book.

When you are thinking of your goals for 2017, write down how you want to feel in 2017 and set your goals from that place. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results and it will help you become a happier and healthier you!

I hope that these five suggestions help!

Please share below what your health and wellness goals and intentions are for the 2017

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  1. Elizabeth Scala
    Elizabeth Scala says:

    Love the crowding out tip! I think that people put so much emphasis on what they are trying NOT to eat… it is a great reminder to add in what we DO want. Thanks for this list…. sharing!

    • Cassandra
      Cassandra says:

      Elizabeth glad the list was helpful and thanks for sharing. Yes, I have find that some people become resistant to having a “Do Not Eat List” and do much better with the concept of crowding out unhealthy foods.


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